Whatsapp on PC

Whatsapp on PC

There are a lot of people that are looking for ways to use WhatsApp on PC. Whether it is for testing new apps or reviewing, there will be time where you will be interested to run WhatsApp or any android apps on your PC. Indeed there are many methods that will allow you to run the software on your PC and in this article we will be having a look at a few of them.


bluestacks new logo big

This is an android emulator that will allow you to download and install WhatsApp from Google Play, You will need to register your mobile phone number with WhatsApp through BlueStack and you will be ready to go. The user interface is the same as the one on your smartphone and you will have the choice of using an on-screen keyboard or using your computer keyboard.The only issue with WhatsApp on Bluestacks is that it does not support you running the software on two different devices at the same time. For instance, if you want to re-use WhatsApp on your smartphone you will be required to uninstall and reinstall the application before using. This can be really frustrating for people that might be interested to use WhatsApp on both their phones or tablets and their pc. This is why it might turn out to be a better idea to create another WhatsApp account that you could use on your PC and another one that you could use on your phone.

Youwave is another emulator that you can use in order to run WhatsApp on PC. The only bad thing is that the product is limited by a 7-days trial period and you will need to pay in order to keep using the software. The good thing with Youwave is that you can use the same WhatsApp account on various computers as the software support it.

There are other emulators that exist and that will allow you to run WhatsApp on PC. The key here is to try them and see whether they work for you or not. For instance there are people that advocate another software, Wassapp but unfortunately we could not get it started on our test machine.

Personally I would go for BlueStacks since it is free and that is quite simple when it comes to installing and using.

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How To Run WhatsApp On PC And Use It Effectively?

Introduction to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great Smartphone application which is compatible with iOs, Android, Symbian and Windows platforms. It provides a great way to the users who are looking to chat with their friends for absolutely no cost. Texting has become fun with this application and anyone can easily download it on the PC just by following some simple steps and making use of an Android Emulator. You can endlessly receive messages on WhatsApp. There are several App Players available online which can help you in a big way. In case you want to know more about how to run WhatsApp on PC then you can check out the below mentioned article carefully.

Installing WhatsApp on a PC

A lot of people ask the question, how to run whatsapp on PC. Well, the answer to this question is fairly simple. Whatsapp can be easily downloaded and installed using a tool known as Android Emulator. It helps you in emulating different Android applications on the computer system. It can also be used to download several other Android applications. You should then add a phone number and verify it carefully. The contacts will be automatically added once the phone number is verified. Once the application is installed and the phone number is verified, you can start sending messages to your friends.

Setting up Android Emulator

If you want to know how to run whatsapp on PC then you need to first set up an android emulator in your PC. The steps that you must follow in this regard are given below.

  • You should first click on the application search icon in the emulator and execute a proper search for the app Whatsapp. Now, you must click on the find option.
  • Once the results appear you will come across the option Whatsapp messenger. You need to click it and start installing it.
  • If you are not getting whatsapp messenger in the search results then you will have to download its APK file. It is quite easy to find online. Once you find it you just have to install it using an app installer. The entire process is quite simple and straightforward.
  • Once the application gets installed you can click on its icon in order to run it properly. You should now verify your number in order to make it work.
  • You can now confirm the number and start using Whatsapp. You can send and receive messages from all your contacts.
  • Adding contacts is also very simple as it is done automatically by the server.

These are some of the steps that can help one in running whatsapp on PC. In case the confirmation is not made you can click on the option call me. Once you enter the verification code you are ready to go! Enjoy whatsapp on PC just by following the above mentioned steps. Anyone who wants to know how to run whatsapp on PC can straightaway download an Android Emulator. This is the simplest way to make things right for you.

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How to Download WhatsApp for PC

Download WhatsApp for PC & Android

Every Android user is familiar with what WhatsApp is and they are using it and utilizing the power of free SMS sending without multiple sign ups and login. All you have to do is to connect to all with a simple 1 minute integration program and it will automatically show which of your friends are using this same services from your contact list.

  • Free Download WhatsApp for Android from here [Official Google Play Store Link]

WhatsApp for PC or Windows 7/8/XP Computer is not from the official version of that but we can easily use it on PC using the method given below. Don’t worry we don’t post any thing harmful here, its all checked by our experts first and then we have posted it here.

Whatsapp for Desktop

Free download WhatsApp for PC or Computer [Tutorial]

Please follow each and very step which is given below as it will help you to use WhatsApp on PC or Computer easily without any further more problems.

  • Use Android Emulator named Bluestacks for the guide.
  • Download Bluestacks (Windows & MAC OS) for further functioning.
  • Once Bluestacks is downloaded, install it and wait for the installation to get completed.
  • Just follow the instructions coming on screen and open the software
  • Use search function for Whatsapp or click on messenger.
  • Locate and click on its icon
  • The Whatsapp messenger for PC will be downloaded on your screen
  • Whatsapp for PC will auto install itself and you can use it now.

Note : You can even download the APK file of this app from other websites (Just search “WhatsApp Apk file” and download it after installing Bluestacks)

Bluestack WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Computer Version without Emulator

It is very simple but time consuming process. You need to browse through several links to find full version of WhatsApp for PC. Some links or most of the links are fake. This takes a lot of time in finding the right downloading link. But as soon as you find the right link to download Whatsapp for PC, it will need a simple click to download it. Now just click the downloaded file and install it on your PC.

  • Free unlimited messages every day to other who are using WhatsApp.
  • 100 free messages are provided to be sent to people who are not using that messenger
  • You can share photos and videos easily.
  • You can upload your profile.

One of the major disadvantages of using Whatsapp for PC or Computer is that you need to feed your contacts. This is quite boring and hectic process. Else everything is fine with WhatsApp for Windows Computer.

WhatsApp Computer Version

As you know that there is limit of 100 messages per day by Telecommunication Unit in India, after you have used 100 messages a day the mobile operator will charge you per SMS after you 100 messages limit get over. This will be costly. So many people having android are using WhatsApp free messaging services as it provide message sending completely free with unlimited messages per day. Also you can send photos, videos and upload your profile using this WhatsApp application.

I hope you enjoyed this article and perfect tutorial on how to use WhatsApp for PC after downloading it and if you have any type of problem or issues then please do comment here and let us know about it. Also share this post with your friends on Google as well as Facebook and stay updated with our blog to get more future updates.

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Download WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC! Many of you might be wondering but now you can actually make use of WhatsApp on Windows platforms and in the due course of this article, we would be providing a complete Guide to use WhatsApp on PC.

You are interested in this title pretty much implies that you are addicted to or are keen to use WhatsApp for PC  since you are probably not comfortable using WhatsApp in your 4 or 5 inch touch screen smartphone. Well, if that is the case, join the club. I too find it so pestering to get my fingers around those little buttons. Darn it!

whatsapp for pc Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Good for people like us; we’ve got an alternative to using WhatsApp on PC other than on an Android, Symbain, Blackberry or on an iOS. One can effectively use WhatsApp on PC, just like on any one of the above mentioned handheld devices. Indeed, with much more comfort! Technology has an answer for every problem. Just that, tech offers two answers for this one.

Fine; I’ll not keep you waiting anymore. Let’s jump right into the business of how to download WhatsApp for PC and use it that way. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully for downloading WhatsApp for PC.

Guide to use WhatsApp on PC:

In this how to use WhatsApp for PC tutorial, I’d be helping you download WhatsApp for PC in two distinct methods with screenshots. Both the methods help to install WhatsApp on PC with equal ease. So you can go for either. Both work well in my case.

  1. Download and Install WhatsApp for PC using BlueStacks.
  2. Download and Install WhatsApp for PC using Wassapp.

Method 1:Download WhatsApp for PC Using Bluestacks

BlueStack is an Android emulator that lets us install and use almost all Android apps and games on a PC.  This is how we’ll avail WhatsApp for PC using this android emulator. It is not just on PC that you can take advantage of BlueStack, but also on a MAC. When it comes to PC, BlueStack works on all widely deployed operating systems i.e., Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Step 1Get BlueStack from here and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Upon installation, open BlueStack. You’d find a welcome screen showing the top 25 Apps.

Installing whatsapp on PC with Bluestack Step 1 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Step 3: Navigate to the My Apps tab next to top 25 Apps. You will find the apps that are downloaded by default here.

Installing whatsapp on PC with Bluestack Step 21 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Step 4: In the same screen select App Search, wherein you’d be searching for the WhatsApp app.

Installing whatsapp on PC with Bluestack Step 3 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Step 5: In the search bar that appears, type WhatsApp or WhatsApp for PC. The search engine searches for the keyword in Google Play, one mobile and the Amazon App Store, and shows a search result from all three stores.

Installing whatsapp on PC with Bluestack Step 4 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Step 6: Select WhatsApp Messenger from the 1 mobile store. You then need to click install button against WhatsApp Messenger in the screen that follows.

Once done, BlueStack downloads WhatsApp for you. It takes about 2 minutes for this to happen.

Installing whatsapp on PC with Bluestack Step 51 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Step 7: You will now find WhatsApp installed in you ‘My Apps’ tab. You are just one step behind; i.e., configuring your WhatsApp account.

Installing whatsapp on PC with Bluestack Step 6 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Step 8: Open WhatsApp and click I agree with terms button.

Installing whatsapp on PC with Bluestack Step 7 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP


Step 9: You then have to select your nation and put in your mobile number and say Ok.

Step 10: WhatsApp will now send you a SMS or Voice verification. You just got to enter the code you get via the SMS of voice call from WhatsApp.

Voila! You are now done with a fresh WhatsApp installation on your PC.  You’ve learnt to use WhatsApp for PC using Bluestacks App Player.

Method 2: Download WhatsApp for PC using Wassapp

Wassapp is a Low Level Studio’s unofficial client of WhatsApp. It works for almost all prevailing Windows OS just like the BlueStack Android emulator.

The only reason I see that you may choose this option to install WhatsApp on PC is that you prefer a lighter software. Unlike an emulator, Wassapp is very easy with the system requirements. I have personally noticed that BlueStack freezes on a PC with low configuration, while Wassapp is comparatively better.

Step 1: Download Wassapp which is around 11 MB in size from HERE. After downloading, install the package.  As soon as you start the program, you’ll have two options – login from an existing account. If you are already using WhatsApp, then enter your number & password, and you’re done. If not, then register with a new account.

installing whatsapp on pc with wassapp step 1 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Step 2: Click the Register button.

Step 3: Type in your phone number and password.

For an Android phone, the password will be same as its IMEI number. Click here to figure out what your IMEI numbers is if you have no idea.

For an MAC user, the password will be the MAC’s Wi-Fi address.

installing whatsapp on pc with wassapp step 2 Download WhatsApp for PC   Guide to use WhatsApp on Computer   7/8/Vista/XP

Step 4: Select the mode of verification; either via SMS or a phone call. Hit the Request code button after entering the specified details.

Step 5: Put in the code you receive from Wassapp. Upon entering the so received code, you will get an auto-generated password. This must be used to log into your account.

That’s it. You’ve successfully installed WhatsApp on PC through the Wassapp client. As you finish logging into WhatsApp for PC client, your screen will display a streamlined chat window. The user interface would not look like that in the Android or iPhone; but is quite intuitive to anyone. It comes with all the features as the actual WhatsApp like group chats, smileys, etc. You’ll also be notified of incoming messages as long as the software is running. Hence, it is a full-fledged WhatsApp for PC.

So easy and quick. Ain’t it?

All it takes is about 5 to 10 minutes of time to download and install WhatsApp on PC for a convenient and cozy WhatApp use.

Let me know how this worked out for you through the comment box below. Which of these methods to download WhatsApp for PC was easier for you?

- See more at: Techieplaza

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